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This week, we follow up on the Reddit blackout, which has been so effective that it even took the entire site down at one point. This is yet another illustration of why it is so important that the blind community gets behind fediverse-based social media such as Mastodon, and Reddit alternatives.

If you’re looking forward to your favourite blindness-specific camera-based app coming to the Apple Vision Pro, I have news and it’s not good.

We’ve had many users from around the world sharing their poor experiences with Freedom Scientific’s Focus Blue line of Braille displays. More listeners share their less than optimal experiences, and Vispero expresses confidence that these problems are a thing of the past. We also get a definitive answer to the question of whether display repairs are now taking place outside the United States.

As you would expect on a podcast I host, I’ll be spending some time talking about the surprising news that there is a new Beatles song being released later this year. While there has been no official word on what that song is, I’m confident I know what it is. I’ll discuss the history of this song and the technology being used to make it happen.

And since we’re going to be talking about John, we have to also talk about Oko! Oh my word that has got to be one of the best segues ever! Oko is an app which uses AI to make inaccessible traffic signals accessible. I speak with one of its creators and we hear a listener’s opinion after having used it extensively.

There is plenty more too. Thank you for listening and I look forward to bringing you Living Blindfully episode 235.