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This week, we pay tribute to a much valued listener and supporter of Living Blindfully, Paul Paravano, who died in December.
In past episodes, We’ve covered some of the audio recorders from Zoom, not to be confused with the people who make the conferencing software. They make excellent devices at a reasonable price point, and our reviews have helped blind content creators use them because we take care to describe their inaccessible menu systems. But later this year, Zoom will be releasing a family of recorders with menus that talk. Groovy eh? More details in this week’s show.
If the new owners of the Castro Podcasts app are as good as their word, it’s about to be resurrected and developed going forward. We’ll look at what the app’s new owners are promising.
Last year, author of “Life Unseen”, Selena Mills, joined me for a wide-ranging discussion in which one of the topics was the way established religion views blindness. One of our listeners has an alternative view on this subject and it’s likely to generate some debate.
In previous episodes, a couple of listeners have spoken highly of an intriguing orientation and mobility device, the FeelSpace NaviBelt. As the name implies, it’s a belt that you wear, and it provides you with additional information about your environment. So, what can it do, and why would you want one? We’ll go to the source and find out from FeelSpace.
There’s a smattering of technology questions and opinions, and more on those beepity blankity eScooters.
All this and more coming up on this week’s episode of Living Blindfully.