The Living Blindfully community loves to share tips, tricks, concerns, product recommendations, and opinions of all kinds. It’s one of the aspects of the podcast that makes it special.

So, if you’ve heard something on the show you want to comment on, or you’d like to raise something new, don’t be shy. We welcome a diversity of perspectives on the show. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

We receive many contributions, so here is a little information about the way we process them and what makes a contribution that we are likely to include.

In the time the show has been running, we have developed a culture of respectful discussion. It may be old-fashioned these days, but we believe it’s possible to disagree without being disagreeable.

Usually, we play contributions in the order they are received. Sometimes that means there could be a delay of several weeks between when you send your contribution in and when it gets played. However, we do prioritise contributions about time-sensitive or topical issues.

If your contribution is written, please try to make it easy to read out loud by writing in complete sentences and spell checking it before sending. If you are dictating and dictation is likely to produce a lot of errors, we appreciate you taking the time to correct them. If you prefer to dictate, you may wish to send in an audio contribution instead, which gives us a variety of voices on the show.

If you submit an audio contribution, please record in a quiet environment with any background music turned off, think about what you’d like to say ahead of time and what will interest other listeners. By making a contribution, you agree that it may be edited for brevity and clarity.

It’s always great to get audio demos of apps or technology you think listeners might be interested in. Listeners enjoy this kind of content. If you are recording a demo, please ensure that your speech is set at a rate slow enough for people who are not familiar with the text-to-speech you are using to understand. Our podcasts are transcribed, and our transcribers are not used to text-to-speech. Even our seasoned blind listeners may use a different text to speech engine from you. So, when in doubt, slow it down. If you have your speech set correctly, there is no need to repeat what your text-to-speech engine has just said. If it’s slow enough, we’ll get it the first time.

You and the technology you are demonstrating should never be talking at the same time. This makes it hard for listeners to hear and difficult for our transcribers. Make sure your text-to-speech stops talking before you start to.

While we use most contributions, some may not be selected if they don’t meet the above criteria, they duplicate views already expressed, or they personally attack individuals rather than challenge ideas.

To make a contribution by email, you can write it down or send it in via audio. If you’re sending audio, you can attach an audio file recorded on your computer or smartphone, or include a link in your email to a cloud service where the audio clip can be downloaded.

The address to send your contribution is: opinion at Note, anything received at this address is considered a submission for airing on the podcast. If you wish to contact the show about anything else, please use the contact form found on other pages of the Living Blindfully site.

If you would like to record your contribution by phone, you can do so by calling our US listener line. +1-864-60Mosen. +1-864-606-6736.

We look forward to hearing from you.