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Living Blindfully is the podcast devoted to helping you live your best life with blindness or low vision.

Sight is a highly dominant sense. If you have it, naturally you’ll use it for a lot of things. But if you don’t have it, or you don’t have as much sight as you used to, it’s still possible to live a rich, full life. This podcast is all about how it’s done.

We discuss tips and tricks, but we frankly discuss the barriers too, ranging from attitudinal barriers to accessibility barriers and more.

You’ll hear plenty about technology on Living Blindfully, because when blind people have the skills to use it and when the tech is behaving itself, it’s key to functional and economic independence. Whether it’s a tech question from our community, a handy tip about getting the most from your screen reader, a demonstration of a cool new app for your smartphone, or discussion about a serious accessibility issue that is causing problems, you’ll learn about it on Living Blindfully. We geek out sometimes, but we always make a point of bringing people along for the ride and making sense of it all.

But technology is simply a tool to help us live blindfully, so our podcast discusses much more. The topics on each episode vary a lot, but it’s not uncommon to hear discussion about travel, cooking, relationships, self-care, sleep, history and even politics. After all, blind people have as diverse a mix of interests and opinions as anyone else.

While we welcome sighted allies and family members who have an interest in what blind people are thinking and talking about, Living Blindfully is unapologetically for blind people, by blind people. There are other great places to go to learn about how blind people do what we do. But there are few places that proudly cater to the blind community. So, if you’re not blind but you’re interested in an unfiltered discussion about what’s occupying the blind community, you’ve come to the right place and you’re very welcome.

Jonathan Mosen is the host and facilitator of Living Blindfully, and often conducts interviews and produces product demonstrations. But you’ll also hear from our engaged community of listeners who share their thoughts in writing and in audio. You’re very welcome to contribute on anything you hear during the show, or something new that’s on your mind.