A reminder that this is the last episode of the current season. We will be publishing again from 28 January 2024.

Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Welcome to 262 [0:00]
Reflecting on a remarkable year for Living Blindfully [4:15]
My 25th anniversary of live Internet broadcasting [7:54]
Drafts working around a serious iOS bug [14:50]
Hearing technology [17:45]
iPhone call volume not being remembered [18:46]
Update on using Salesforce at work [20:42]
Follow-up on switching to Windows for music production [26:00]
Learning to use Face ID [31:45]
Changing the WiFi network on Sonos [48:35]
Making technology available to developing countries [49:52]
Tap to wake, and Be My AI [55:13]
JAWS country license and Marmite [57:19]
A demonstration of Suno.ai [1:04:57]
Amazon Echo users beware of changing your password [1:42:43]
I am getting my first iPad. How do I learn to use it? [1:44:36]
Trouble with the Peacock app [1:49:50]
Closing for 2023 [1:55:01]