Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Welcome to 276 [0:00]
More on Voice Dream Reader [2:07]
intersectionality, the BT Speak, customer service and swimming [30:43]
Tempo Perfect, an accessible metronome app [35:52]
contacting TSA Cares [38:33]
Transcriptions in Apple Podcasts [39:48]
Why VoiceOver switches languages in the status bar in iOS 17.4 [42:14]
Comments on the Deane Blazie interview [52:21]
Dictation in iOS 17.4 [59:04]
Problems with the Guardian app [1:02:12]
Windows 10 and 11 [1:03:32]
I saw an Apple Vision Pro [1:06:44]
Comments on some recent topics [1:08:56]
Victor Reader Stream 2 and Audible [1:19:35]
Review of the Keyto Breath Sensor [1:21:31]
Comments on iOS 17.4 [1:31:58]
Dolby Atmos [1:33:27]
Thoughts on episode 271 [1:38:19]
Apple Podcast notifications [1:43:09]
New hearing aids [1:45:18]
Zoom H Essential series recorders [1:50:48]
Petition to restore the EnvisionCollege Success program [1:54:28]
If you wish to sign the petition, it is available here.

Closing and contact info [1:57:55].019