Kia ora Mosen At Largers. Here’s what’s in store for you this week.

Introduction and contact info,[0:00].000

Another Mosen At Large interview extra is coming,[2:15].487

COVID-19 update,[2:48].849

I’ve been evaluating podcast hosting companies and we may be moving,[4:19].514

What do you use your smartphone camera for and what apps are you using?,[9:34].548

The pejorative and multiple meanings of the word blind,[21:09].590

Religious people who want to cure us,[46:14].399

Low vision videographers,[49:06].280

the first public beta of iOS 14 is out. What do you think?,[49:36].171

Samsung’s Bixby is more accessible than it used to be,[52:10].669

Looking for a quality microphone for iOS,[53:06].093

Zoom releases its new H8 portable recorder,[57:20].236

Blindness and mental health,[59:04].975

More on the Zoom H8,[1:08:51].928

iOS microphone recommendation,[1:09:41].916

Can hearing aids and AirPods co-exist?,[1:10:19].545

Looking for accessible podcast apps for Android,[1:13:06].734

Zoom conferencing screen sharing accessibility,[1:16:02].824

Irony alert! The inaccessibility of the exams for the International Association of Accessibility Professionals,[1:16:50].834

Hands free activating of Alexa coming to the iOS app,[1:21:42].111

What do you think of virtual blindness conventions?,[1:23:35].866

Is Apple deliberately depriving the iPhone SE 2 of features?,[1:25:34].718

Sight and Sound holding webinar about Microsoft Teams for anyone in the world to attend,[1:28:08].615

The Bonnie Bulletin begins with comments on blind people inappropriately placed in facilities for people with learning impairments,[1:32:42].579

Self care and maintaining perspective,[1:38:18].233

Bonnie listened to a lot of the ACB virtual convention,[1:43:34].020

Closing announcement,[1:46:30].645

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