Kia ora Mosen at Largers. Here’s what’s coming up in our next two-hour show that’s got the blind community talking.


Please note that this episode is being published a day earlier than normal, because on 8 April at 4 PM US Eastern time, 9 PM UK time, I have an announcement to make about the future of this podcast. If you’ve not done so yet, you can register to attend the live webinar where I will make the announcement. If you’re unable to make it, I’ll make highlights available afterwards.

Last week, I spoke with Hans Wiberg and Mike Buckley from Be My Eyes about, among other things, their new Virtual Volunteer function powered by ChatGPT. It’s in early testing at the moment under a nondisclosure agreement, but Be My Eyes has granted me permission to produce a demo of the feature. Does it live up to the hype? Is it the game changer some hope it will be? In this demo, it’s not my job to sell Virtual Volunteer to you, it’s my aim to show you how it performs in real world conditions. I will not be editing out the time it takes between a question being submitted and an answer being received, so you can get a feel for how it functions at the moment.

There’s even more on ChatGPT this week, as a listener decided to ask it to pontificate on the pros and cons of being blind. What it came back with was, well, interesting.

ChatGPT has also become a political pundit in the UK. We’ll learn more this week.

I’ll talk more about my adventures with the new Sonos Era 300 speakers, we’ll get real world experience of the Windows Mini computer, and we have some great Beatle book recommendations.


There’s plenty more on the show as well. If you want to raise something new, you’re very welcome. Please don’t be shy, I’d love to hear from you. What makes Mosen At Large special is the global community we’ve built and all the perspectives we share with each other.

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