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On the show this week, accessibility advocacy is a roller coaster. So first, the highs. There’s good news from Zoom regarding their new H Essential series, with more accessibility goodness and beautifully accessible supplemental manuals.

Last year following listener feedback, you might recall that we set up an open letter to Amazon, urging their Audible team to work with HumanWare to bring Audible support to the Victor Reader Stream. HumanWare acknowledges that our advocacy made all the difference. Amazon were moved and motivated by the open letter, and got the process started. Now, Stream 3 owners can enjoy Audible support. Well done to everyone who got together, advocated for good change, and made it happen. And thanks to Amazon for listening. Mathieu Paquette, Product Manager for the Stream at HumanWare, joins me once again to tell us about how the Audible support works, and other goodies in the new firmware.

To paraphrase dear old Meatloaf, two out of three ain’t bad. But the third one is a biggy. Ready for the low? All indications are that Sonos accessibility is about to decline significantly, when Sonos release a brand new app on 7 May. If you’re curious about this, you can also read my blog post. I’ll discuss ways you can try and keep the new app off your system for now.

Perplexity has become my favourite research tool. If you’re not using it yet, you’ll definitely want to hear a listener review that’s on the show this week.

We’ll have plenty of feedback on Glide, some comments on melatonin and Hetlioz, and what happens when Apple just pulls an album you paid for from the iTunes Store?



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