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If all had gone to plan, this week I would have been announcing that you could subscribe to Living Blindfully Plus directly in Apple Podcasts. While not as flexible as the existing option, for those who use Apple Podcasts exclusively, it would have been very simple to do. I can’t announce that though, because Apple has implemented this service in a way that is not accessible, at least to JAWS and NVDA. If you’ve used Apple’s websites before, although iCloud.com has improved a little recently, this won’t surprise you. Apple seems to have a serious problem when it comes to creating websites that don’t comply with best accessibility practices. For a company that touts its commitment to accessibility, and does not have any resource constraints preventing them from achieving best practice, this is absolutely unacceptable. What makes it worse is that Apple seems to think we should patiently wait our turn for a serious issue to be fixed that should have never existed in the first place if best practices had been followed. More, much more, on this issue this week.

Now, if you’re a content creator just trying to help your listeners out and are having the battles I’ve been having, chances are your blood pressure is through the roof! It might be a good idea to check it? A listener asks if the Qardio Arm blood pressure monitor that talks to your iPhone is accessible. Bonnie and I provide a demonstration.

As regular listeners know, I am not only comfortable with my blindness, I am proud to be blind. We are all to some extent a product of our experiences, personality and environment, so not everyone shares those sentiments. But are those of us who feel this way kidding ourselves?

Happy trails to you, until we meet again. If you’re hiking a trail or in difficult conditions, the All Terrain Cane can accompany you. I speak with its creator, David Epstein.

And just how good at spin is Robin Kristofferson?


There is plenty more too. Thank you for listening and I look forward to bringing you Living Blindfully episode 236.