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It’s another wide and varied show this week. Even if you feel confident as a blind traveller, it can be tough out there, with e-scooters, outdoor dining and other obstructions. This week, we learn about a bike lane that’s been added to a sidewalk/foot path without any means of tactually discerning where it is, putting blind pedestrians who walk there in serious danger. One advocate isn’t prepared to put up with it. I would be interested to learn of any challenges you experience just trying to go about your day as a blind pedestrian. Are these challenges on the increase, and have you been successful in getting good change when you raise concerns?

Hell has frozen over at Apple, with the company having made a commitment to support and enhance the next generation of open text messaging, RCS. We talk about why this is so important.

I came across the game Timecrest when the company, Sneaky Crab, approached me about advertising on Living Blindfully. Since I only take sponsors I am comfortable with, well, it was my duty to spend some serious time playing the game! Yup, research is tough sometimes eh? It’s a great game, really enthralling. Bonnie and Heidi are now playing it too. This week, I’m bringing Justin Ng from Sneaky Crab on the show to talk about the game, how it got started, and their commitment to accessibility.

Bonnie has spent thanksgiving in the US. After so long in New Zealand, it’s been a bit of a culture shock. She talks about that, another dodgy airline experience, and we discuss tipping, which is something we don’t do in New Zealand.

All this and much more in episode 259. The show thrives on your contributions, so do feel free to be in touch with your thoughts on these issues or anything new you want to raise.