I am incredibly grateful for the support of so many people that has allowed this podcast to grow spectacularly, and make it to 250 episodes. Thank you very much.

One of the cool things about living in New Zealand is that Friday comes here first. This particular Friday is iPhone 15 delivery day. I managed to snag myself an iPhone 15 Pro Max. I won’t do an unboxing because once you’ve unboxed a few iPhones there’s very little to say, but I will be bringing you some of my initial findings, and I’ll get them to you the moment I’ve recorded them. This means this week’s episode will be available to Plus subscribers a couple of days early. If you’re living in the northern hemisphere, chances are that if you have Living Blindfully Plus, you’ll be able to hear some first impression before your iPhones can be delivered where you are.

I’ll let you know whether the phone really does feel that much lighter as some of the reviews are suggesting. I’m particularly interested in seeing what audio peripherals I can get working with the USB-C port. We’ll take a look at the Action Button and the user interface for configuring it, and test audio on phone calls which Apple says has been improved.

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At the latest, I expect the episode to be available to Plus members on Friday evening New Zealand time.

But there’s even more. I have around two hours of content discussing some of the new features in iOS 17. As always, I’ll give some praise and tell you where I think a couple of them fall short.

See you soon for this special episode 250.