I’m looking forward to bringing you the first episode of the podcast under the Living Blindfully brand. Living Blindfully Plus members will receive it on Sunday at 6 AM New Zealand time, and it will be publicly available at 6 AM New Zealand time next Wednesday. If you’ve not joined Living Blindfully Plus yet and would like to support the continuation of the show, you can do so by visiting https://LivingBlindfully.com/plus


This week, we’ll welcome our new name, and offer a few handy tips for making the most of your Living Blindfully Plus subscription.


For some time, I have been seeking to get an interview with someone from HIMS, primarily to discuss SensePlayer, about which there is a lot of interest. HIMS made Earle Harrison from their North American division available to speak with me. We’ll discuss SensePlayer and its evolution. And in light of recent discussions about the Optima, a device that provides notetaker like functionality while also offering full Windows, we’ll discuss whether the category of blindness products we still call notetakers has had its day. Are we doing young people a disservice by not having them do their work on a full Windows device at all times?

Staying with SensePlayer, Vaughn Bennison has been using one for around three months. He presents a demo of some of its features, and offers his views on the devices pros and cons.

All this and much more coming up this week on Living Blindfully.