Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Living Blindfully taking a break over the New Zealand summer [0:00]
Welcome to 260 with some help from ChatGPT [1:35]
There’s still time to vote in the Mushroom FM holiday countdown [4:35]
The Castro podcast app is being shut down [7:50]
JAWS and Fusion aren’t as accessible with RIM as they should be, and users are the losers [17:52]
The quality of iOS Vocalizer voices has become really bad [38:19]
Anyone know of an accessible DAB radio? [40:45]
Wireless Lavalier microphones that don’t breakVoiceOver [42:46]
Vosh, travel, and notetakers [49:25]
A fun travel story [57:34]
Catch-up with Pneuma Solutions [1:02:35]
Problem with my Sonos ARC [1:45:26]
Bose versus Sonos [1:47:44]
The language rotor in iOS [1:50:13]
Object orientation with Be My AI [1:52:26]
Spectrum Access app and PhoneLink [1:53:38]
Closing and contact info [1:56:46]