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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Reminder: a special episode coming up wrapping the WWDC keynote,[0:00]

Paying tribute to Neville Kerr,[1:21]

Google’s Braille HID Quandary,[4:46]

Will the Bulgarian TTS in iOS 16 be fit for purpose?,[15:08]

Learning remotely,[25:28]

Sonos and meditation,[29:46]

ACB and NFB, guide dogs and more,[33:53]

The quality of Ambutech canes,[42:07]

How accessible is Zendesk?,[43:23]

iPod Touch memories,[44:25]

Negotiating withSpark,[50:21]

How do I get the direct URL of an audio stream?,[51:57]

Coupons inMicrosoftEdge,[55:24]

Selecting text in iOS with the Mantis Q40,[57:11]

Where can I get tutorials on Microsoft 365?,[1:01:26]

Thoughts on various recent topics,[1:03:49]

Still can’t input iOS Passwords with a Braille entry keyboard,[1:12:02]

Dodgy customer support,[1:13:27]

Review of Sonos Voice Control,[1:15:34]

A very special and happy announcement,[1:45:02]

Closing and contact info,[1:58:10]