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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.
Introduction and a preview of the new Siri voices in iOS 14.5,[0:00]
Feedback on the new Siri voices, the explosion of audio social networking, and blind dating,[6:32]
Subscribe to the Blind Podmaker podcast. The Apple Podcasts link is: and the link to the RSS feed is,[12:02]
Two appalling examples of misuse of the word blind in the media,[13:57]
Daylight saving, love it or loathe it?,[28:14]
Cochlea implant and hearing aid comments,[30:59]
Editing with the touch screen in iOS,[47:07]
Creating custom voice commands in iOS,[1:04:08]
Some thoughts on politics, healthcare and other social policy,[1:14:15]
Talkback voice commands,[1:27:42]
Politics and podcast length,[1:34:29]
Reliability issues with Focus Braille displays,[1:38:11]
Looking for resources for learning how to code,[1:45:26]
Copying and pasting text on my iPhone, Apple couldn’t help,[1:46:11]
A couple of JAWS issues,[1:49:15]
How best to communicate accessibility issues to developers?,[1:54:14]
The Bonnie Bulletin notes Uber has been seriously pinged in the US over guide dog refusals,[1:58:11]
Does Microsoft Edge have shortcut keys for pause and resume?,[2:03:55]
DJay for iOS,[2:05:21]
Issues with USB Braille displays and JAWS,[2:09:37]
Integrating Markdown into your workflow,[2:10:57]
How to get Alexa to play Mosen At large reliably every time, and other Amazon Echo feedback,[2:14:57]
Closing announcement and contact info,[2:20:20]