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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

I’m testing a new gadget,[2:15]
Election day looms in the United States,[3:25]
Where do you get your news?,[8:18]
The mantis and low carb,[9:25]
Why did New Zealanders vote against legalising marijuana?,[12:15]
The Conversation Builder app,[16:00]
Choosing a sound mixer,[19:04]
Plenty of Apple feedback starting with iPhone SE battery life,[21:41]
The app Switcher. To close or not to close?,[30:00]
What value do people find in Apple Shortcuts?,[34:40]
Screen protectors that don’t get sticky,[43:55]
Apple One is here,[46:05]
iOS 14.2 golden master introduces game changing lidar features for blind and low vision iPhone 12 Pro users,[47:13]
Recorded on the iPhone 12,[54:48]
The future of mobility,[1:02:02]
Apple Watch sounds the alert,[1:28:14]
The Bonnie Bulletin. Thou shalt not covet the Mantis,[1:33:19]
M20,Closing and contact info,[1:45:38]