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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Apple foreshadows a series of new accessibility features,[5:35]
Apple announces major changes to the way you’ll hear music,[12:35]
JAWS for Windows versus VoiceOver for MacOS, and is touch support any good with Windows screen readers?,[28:17]
Thoughts from a cochlear implant wearer,[37:24]
An update to a Dell computer that went badly wrong,[45:12]
Daylight saving experiments,[1:00:01]
Braille in iOS 14.5 and reassigning NVDA keys to not use Insert or Capslock,[1:00:36]
Maria’s musings on recent episodes including a request for feedback on Amazon tablets,[1:04:26]
Experiences with video doorbells,[1:14:50]
Hurtful and incredibly ignorant discrimination,[1:17:49]
This week on the Bonnie bulletin, is horse racing a cruel sport?,[1:22:10]
Listening to Internet radio with Siri has changed in iOS 14.5,[1:45:47]
Oticon More hearing aids,[1:49:51]
Sexual abuse on a bus. Warning, contains disturbing content that may be triggering for some,[1:51:05]
How easy is it to enable AmazonSmile in the mobile app,[1:55:07]
More thoughts on text-to-speech engines,[1:56:46]
Airports, disabled people and diversity,[1:59:18]
The second,[2:12:17]
Blind with a capital B,[2:13:48]
An exercise bike recommendation,[2:14:37]
Closing and contact info,[2:17:58]