We want to make it easy for you to stay engaged with Living Blindfully. Earlier in the week, we introduced a WhatsApp number, so you can text us or leave us a voice message on WhatsApp with a contribution that might be used on the show.

Now we’re adding another innovation, a Channel so you can get announcements about Living Blindfully sent directly to you on WhatsApp.

Usually, this will have the same material that gets sent to our email list and blog. But since WhatsApp makes it easy to broadcast multimedia content, we may include the occasional additional audio as well. For example, perhaps we’ll find interesting ways to keep you updated from the NFB convention.

You can follow our Living Blindfully Announcements channel on WhatsApp and unfollow any time you like. Just choose this link to follow the Living Blindfully Announcements WhatsApp channel.

Note this link works for mobile devices, not for WhatsApp on desktop platforms.