Kia ora Mosen At Largers. Here are just a few of the things we’re talking about this week on the podcast that will be published at 6 AM on Sunday New Zealand time. This one is episode 147.

Sunday is 12 September, but it will be published US time on 11 September, the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that brought down the World Trades Centre and hit the Pentagon.

All the way back in episode 2 of this podcast, we talked about what psychologists sometimes call “flashbulb” memories. These are memories that are of such significance, you can relive them in extraordinary detail years later. You remember where you were, what you were doing, how you felt when they happened. For many of us, even those of us who were on the other side of the world as was the case with me, we remember in vivid detail how we heard about the September 11 attacks. At the time, Bonnie was in New Jersey so of course will never forget that day. If you have memories to share, no matter where in the world you are, please feel free to send them in.

Next week, Apple is holding its next event at which we expect to see a new iPhone range, new Apple Watches, and even new shiny AirPods. Are you considering getting something new? If so, what would it take to make you part with your money? Do you look forward as much to these events as you might have in previous years, or are the product categories now a bit too mature to get too excited about?

And time permitting, we will begin the much-promised series on Google Chromebooks. How accessible are they really, and are they a viable tool for blind people? If you’ve had experience using a Chromebook or you have questions you’d like answered, please be in touch.


As usual, there’s a wide array of blindness and technology topics from listeners on which you may like to comment once you hear them.


If you want to raise something new, you’re very welcome. Please don’t be shy, I’d love to hear from you. What makes Mosen At Large special is the global community we’ve built and all the perspectives we share with each other.


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