Kia ora Mosen at Largers. Here’s what’s coming up in our next two-hour show that’s got the blind community talking.

More listeners have their say on the Victor Reader Stream third generation from HumanWare, and feelings are strong about the lack of a replaceable battery.

For some time I have toyed with the idea of a short tech news summary in the podcast. I’ll give it a try this week, with the help of some of the coolest
new technology available.

We discuss some of the wee creepy crawlies that seem to have crept and crawled into iOS 16.3 and provide info on how you can become a beta tester if you

A blind couple and their infant child recently attempted to go on holiday, only to be grounded by some blatant, bigoted discrimination from an airline.
It’s a shocking story. We also hear a couple of other poor airport and airline experiences. Feel free to share yours.

There’s plenty more on the show as well. If you want to raise something new, you’re very welcome. Please don’t be shy, I’d love to hear from you. What
makes Mosen At Large special is the global community we’ve built and all the perspectives we share with each other.

To contribute, send an email with an audio attachment or just written down to Jonathan at, or call the listener line, +18646066736, that’s

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