Kia ora Mosen At Largers. Here are just a few of the things we’re talking about this week on the podcast that will be published at 6 AM on Sunday New Zealand time. This one is episode 146.

Presently, New Zealand is conducting an independent Royal Commission of Inquiry into abuse in state care and in the care of faith-based institutions in Aotearoa New Zealand. Recently, I became aware that contrary to my original assumption, the school for the blind in New Zealand formerly known as Homai College is within the scope of the Commission. The Commission can also hear evidence on a wide range of issues that may have deprived people of the ability to maximise their full potential. For New Zealanders who listen to the podcast and for those interested in how the country is grappling with these issues, I will be joined on the podcast this week by Paul Gibson, the inquiry’s Commissioner. We will discuss why the Commission is necessary, what’s in scope, some common concerns people voice about its work, possible outcomes of the Commission’s work and how people can give evidence if they wish to.

No matter where in the world you are, unfortunately, too many of us have experienced abuse. This may be a difficult episode for some to hear, but if you would like to share your own experiences no matter where in the world you are, you would be welcome. If you wish your contribution to be anonymous, please make this clear in the subject line.

One thing I love about being blind is that plenty of blind people totally rock! OK, bad pun there. There’s an interesting email this week about what are known as blindisms. You know the sort of thing, eye poking, rocking etc. Do you do anything that could be called a blindism? Do you find that you do them more when you’re stressed or excited? Have you broken the habit of a blindism and if so, how did you do it?

Right now, we are in a golden age of betas. iOS, watchOS, tvOS, MacOS, Android OS and Windows are all rocking the betas right now. Windows 11 rolls out starting on 5 October, and the Apple updates will be here this month. How is the next release of your favourite operating system going? Are they ready for prime time and what features do you particularly like? Is there an operating system you are testing that isn’t ready for prime time yet?


As usual, there’s a wide array of blindness and technology topics from listeners on which you may like to comment once you hear them.


If you want to raise something new, you’re very welcome. Please don’t be shy, I’d love to hear from you. What makes Mosen At Large special is the global community we’ve built and all the perspectives we share with each other.


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