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On the show this week, one of our listeners has been making extensive use of the Seleste Smart Glasses which we reviewed in a previous episode. We’ll hear his review containing the pros and cons as he sees them.

In a follow-up to our episode discussing smart homes last week, we hear a demo of a washer/dryer from LG that is accessible.

We’re going in-depth this week into hearing aids. A user shares his experiences with the latest hearing tech, and as my trial of the Phonak Lunity continues, I’ll demonstrate some technology from Phonak. First, I’ll look at the fully accessible MyPhonak app. This is the most accessible hearing aid app I have personally ever encountered. It not only gives you remote control of your hearing aids, it also to some limited extent allows you to set up your own custom programmes. This process is fully accessible, but as I explain, there are some quirks to be aware of if you’re using VoiceOver paired to the iPhone.

I’ll also be reviewing and demonstrating the Phonak Roger On version 2, which is a multipurpose remote microphone and listening system, along with the Phonak MyRogerMic app for iOS. Many hearing aids now have impressive algorithms for challenging audio environment, but where Phonak perhaps has an edge is the seamless integration between their Roger remote microphones and their hearing aids. To my delight, they have solved one of the major downsides of using these devices for blind people, and I am thrilled about this.

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