At 6 AM on Thursday, Friday and Saturday New Zealand time, we’ll be publishing three Living Blindfully Extras going in-depth into each of the Zoom Essential series.

On Thursday, episode 272 contains a review of the most capable member of the series, the Zoom H6Essential.

ON Friday, we look in episode 273 at its smaller sibling, the Zoom H4Essential, with a few more details that will be of interest to current or potential H6Essential users as well.

Finally on Saturday, episode 274 discusses the baby of the family, the Zoom H1Essential. While it’s part of the same series, the H1Essential is quite a different recorder in many respects.

All reviews are indexed by chapter, making it easy for you to get to the section you want. This is handy when you’re learning about a recorder with it in front of you.

These episodes will be released to everyone at the same time, so those who are currently not financial supporters of our work can listen to them at the same time as Living Blindfully Plus subscribers. We’ll also publish transcripts of all three episodes, making this a handy reference guide if you are searching for something quickly.

I hope you find these interesting and helpful. Thanks for listening to Living Blindfully.