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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.
Technology for following every minute of the Trump impeachment trial,[0:00]
A regretful Trump supporter and the importance of the way blind people dress,[14:33]
Why are you back onFacebook?,[21:59]
iOS issues and the challenges of blindness product management,[24:07]
Samsung/Google Galaxy Talkback,[36:13]
Ideal specs for a computer running JAWS,[39:36]
Best setup for quality Zoom audio conferencing,[48:28]
Guide dog discrimination views and stories,[52:16]
Former Australian Human Rights Commissioner Graeme Innes discusses conflicting human rights and how to resolve the conflict,[1:14:57]
iOS Braille Screen Input problems,[1:33:23]
Can you get a PC stick with internal audio and speaker?,[1:36:20]
Jingle all the way,[1:36:52]
How do you read BRF files on a Windows PC?,[1:40:46]
Giving Android a try,[1:42:27]
Technology theft in the UK,[1:46:53]
Hearing aids and headphones,[1:49:16]
The Bonnie Bulletin talks the Clubhouse audio social network,[1:52:02]
Closing and contact info,[2:04:13]