Note, this podcast is published earlier than normal so you get the scoop on the iPhone 15 Pro Max as soon as possible. Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Welcome to our 250th episode [0:30]
Country and area code 250 [4:11]
Recording using the Samson Q2U on the iPhone 15 Pro Max [6:14]
The Focusrite Vocaster 2 connected to iPhone 15 ProMax in the studio [10:10]
The front cardiod microphone in the iPhone 15 Pro Max [11:58]
The bottom omnidirectional mic in the iPhone 15 Pro Max [12:58]
The front omnidirectional microphone of the iPhone 15 ProMax [13:13]
Configuring and using theAction Button [13:28]
Greater control of battery health in iPhone 15 models [24:07]
VoiceOver Point and Speak and Magnifier features [28:55]
Improved configurability of VoiceOver voices [37:07]
More control over VoiceOver verbosity [46:54]
Braille improvements [54:51]
Locate the centre of the screen from your keyboard [58:15]
Lock your rotor in place [1:00:29]
Siri loses the Hey in some countries [1:02:13]
Two new UK Siri voices [1:03:31]
Vary Siri’s speaking speed [1:04:51]
Personal Voice [1:05:47]
Liven up your home screen with interactive widgets [1:15:20]
New ring and alert tones [1:35:45]
Changes to the Messages app [1:38:18]
Manage your grocery list in the Reminders app [1:45:42]
Notes in Notes can now link to other notes [1:54:57]
Track your mental health in the Health app [1:59:17]
Live voicemail and FaceTime voicemail [2:10:10]
Improved predictive text and dictation [2:11:24]
Improved sharing with people close by [2:14:00]
Sharing AirTags [2:18:37]
Standby Mode [2:19:42]
Apple Music changes [2:20:24]
Some Safari improvements [2:22:15]
Closing and contact info [2:24:55]