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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Welcome Illinois,[0:00]

Looking for a good ad-blocker for my iPhone,[1:53]

Looking for some advice on Microsoft Access,[5:33]

More discrimination stories,[7:45]

I want to permanently disable YouTube Shorts,[12:04]

Task management apps,[13:57]

Tech Roundup,[19:41]

Keeping your iPhone unlocked,[25:34]

A serious problem with Apple’s subscriptions page,[26:32]

Looping audio on the iPhone,[31:28]

Blind subculture,[33:23]

Microsoft Remote Desktop for iOS,[36:04]

The Victor Reader Stream,[37:35]

We’re eager to cover the Sense Player from hims on this podcast,[40:14]

Why I use a Victor Reader Stream,[43:30]

Comments on Eleven Labs and the future of audiobook narrators,[47:47]

The new Microsoft Bing powered by Chat GPT,[1:01:11]

Anyone got scanner printer combo recommendations?,[1:30:39]

Editing video in Windows,[1:31:53]

My thoughts on the Brainport,[1:33:38]

The Bonnie Bulletin talks Google Docs and learning new things,[1:40:47]

Bonnie and the gremlins,[1:48:33]

Bonnie and the engineers,[1:52:53]

Bonnie and the granddaughter,[1:55:57]

Closing announcement and contact info,[2:00:09]