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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

A selection of listener concerns about the current quality of iOS,[0:00]
Advocacy strategies for improving VoiceOver quality control,[18:31]
When disability rights and religion collide,[33:17]
Cool Christmas gifts,[58:23]
Thoughts on HumanWare’s new Brailliant family,[1:02:26]
BrailleNote Apex reaches end of life. Upgrades offered.,[1:08:40]
Looking for an accessible tool for DVD audio extracting,[1:10:31]
Meditation apps,[1:11:33]
Dealing with mainstream tech support,[1:14:16]
Syncing podcasts between Amazon echo devices,[1:15:10]
Looking ahead to the new decade,[1:17:32]
In praise of HomePod Mini,[1:20:41]
Synology Network Attached Storage devices,[1:22:47]
Social media behaviours that cause accessibility annoyances,[1:28:11]
The Mac Podcasts app,[1:36:13]
Thoughts on Seeing AI, Braille and other things,[1:37:24]
Returning the AirPods Max,[1:44:03]
The Oticon More hearing aids are a potential game changer,[1:49:13]
Anyone using an Amazon Smart Oven?,[1:59:04]
Another new laptop to consider,[2:03:05]
The Brief Bonnie Bulletin,[2:05:04]