Hi Mosen at Largers. Here’s a summary of what’s on the podcast this week, with the item first followed by its time in the show.


“Ringtones and texttones, Do you make your own, buy your own or just use the defaults?”,[0:36].390

Blind parents and potty training. For helpful resources on blind parenting, check out the NFB Blind Parents site,[10:47].245

“Neil Young says the MacbookPro’s audio quality if “”Fisher Price”””,[15:10].039

“Listener comment, Buy duplicates of your hearing accessories.”,[17:42].604

“Listeners questions on the Holman prize, and how did lighthouses in a blindness context get their name?”,[22:41].537

An innocent-sounding question from the Beatles Twitter account gets an unexpected response,[27:27].302

“New iOS, tvOS, watchOS and MacOS betas”. Here’s a link to the Water Minder app I mentioned in this section,[29:05].644

“Listener comment, VoiceOver suddenly just stopped working altogether on iPhone SE”,[34:49].586

“More listener comments on the Lighthouse name, and how the Lighthouse in FL positively changed a listener’s life”,[39:19].861

Lee Kumutat from the San Francisco Lighthouse talks about the Holman Prize for blind ambition. The Holman Prize for Blind Ambition will be accepting applications until March 15. From traversing the Bosporus Straight via solo kayak, to hosting the first conference in Mexico for blind children and their families led by blind professionals, to creating an app to enable blind citizen scientists to participate in the search for exoplanets by listening to space, the nine winners so far (hailing from five countries on four continents), have each found unique ways to forever change the world’s perception of blindness. Applications and information is available here: https://holman.lighthouse-sf.org/apply/.,[42:39].299

Listener question: how easy is it to use Google Sheets efficiently with a screen reader?,[57:33].791

More listener feedback on ringtones,[1:04:14].489

The Bonnie Bulletin begins with discussion of a threat to RNZ Concert. Please sign the Save RNZ Concert petition,[1:09:45].650

We look at the Iowa debacle and long for the days of the good old Iowa scream,[1:14:09].327

Listener comments and questions on Overcast and Castro,[1:17:30].131

Cash Reader app and a giveaway for Mosen At Large listeners,[1:18:53].439

“Listener question, screen time on iOS not behaving as expected”,[1:22:02].215

“Microsoft Power Toys are back, and a new cool one called Keyboard Shortcut Manager is coming”,[1:25:03].126

Amazon Echo Show now identifies products via barcodes,[1:28:02].126

“Microsoft Teams exploded in some parts of the world this week, because someone forgot to put a virtual coin in a virtual metre”,[1:29:01].239

Listener feedback about the EchoShow,[1:30:20].614

The When Did I app,[1:31:13].428

“There’s a major rewrite of my favourite iOS calendar app, Fantastical“,[1:33:19].795

“If you’re a podcaster, Squadcast might improve your remote interviews substantially”,[1:36:04].499

More thoughts on EchoShow,[1:39:28].126