Kia ora everyone. On the show this week.

Intro contact and navigation info,[0:00].000

COVID-19 in New Zealand and the mask evidence appears to be firming up,[1:43].464

Would you take sight if it were offered to you?,[4:34].419

Why quarantine if you make masks compulsory?,[16:04].321

Some hints for those wanting to switch to Android,[17:42].182

More on bionic eyes,[23:48].146

Modifying glasses for those with light sensitivity,[25:14].465

The new Microsoft Edge now coming down via Windows update,[26:34].231

The navigation slider in YouTube for iOS works again,[29:15].986

Funny stories about guide dogs and pets,[30:02].113

Let’s share knowledge about accessible exercise equipment,[42:15].158

More feedback on bionic eyes,[47:12].776

Live on the edge and get the test builds,[48:29].423

More on bionic eyes and reflections on the Deaf culture,[50:26].063

self-driving cars,[55:20].896

Portless iPhones,[56:42].554

A big week for Sonos fans as a major software update looms,[1:02:10].490

More dog stories,[1:08:25].588

Samsung’s Bixby gets Seeing AI-like features built in,[1:09:49].066

You can’t make this up. Someone has invented an accessible urinal,[1:12:23].165

A trip down memory lane with several talking clock demos,[1:16:37].696

Does anyone else walk their pet dog with the aid of a white cane?,[1:22:21].187

Bonnie is starting to talk like a text-to-speech engine,[1:25:39].664

Bionic Bonnie?,[1:26:56].888

What ever happened to Window-eyes?,[1:32:10].459

SteelSeries Arctis 5 – RGB Illuminated Gaming Headset ,[1:35:57].798

If you often close Chrome or Edge and wish you hadn’t there’s a better way to configure your browser,[1:40:23].459

Accessible exercise equipment,[1:41:01].192

Bionic eyes and awesome guide dogs,[1:42:43].169

Of course guide dogs understand directions,[1:47:43].639

Closing and contact info,[1:48:23].120