Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.
Welcome to 246 [0:32]
Ride share discrimination [2:26]
Apple event coming up, and iOS 17 gets closer [9:50]
Significant accessibility regression with the latest Kindle for iOS [29:46]
Another Focus 40 Blue failure story [33:11]
You can get Alexa talking to ChatGPT [41:44]
apps I miss and canes I like [52:16]
Comments on Optima [54:58]
How is MushroomFM run? [59:34]
Elijah Massey reviews the Lemfo Lem16 smart watch [1:05:32]
Old technology memories and looking for an accessible doorbell [1:25:24]
Another example of poor Google accessibility support [1:29:17]
Good news for Sky Sport Now customers in New Zealand [1:34:29]
Accessible appliances [1:34:50]
Recommending Luna RSS as a Windows-based podcast app [1:36:49]
Be my AI and more old technology that is new again [1:37:54]
The ableist Beatles [1:45:06]
Loving the HeardThat app, and thoughts on old phone feedback lines [1:48:08]
Closing and contact info [1:57:33].183