Kia ora Mosen at largers. Thanks to all your incredible contributions, it’s another busy show this week. Here’s what’s in it.


COVID-19 update, and mask debate,[1:05].580

Notetakers versus Braille displays with mainstream devices,[6:28].249

iOS and Braille displays together are just too dodgy,[11:02].897

Setting up the Zoom F6 when blind,[18:58].667

Tipping and notetakers,[20:38].914

Notetakers and iPhoneSE,[23:27].985

New 13-inch MacBook Pro is out,[25:58].339

Parasites may have just been lucky,[27:05].743

Jonathan recording on the Zoom F6 digital recorder,[30:35].721

Apple needs to engage with blind people re Braille,[38:43].173

The benefits of Apple’s USB 3.0 Camera Connector Kit,[42:13].962

Report from New York and notetaker thoughts,[43:52].673

ZoomF6 versus voice guided recorders,[51:03].707

I need many devices to do what I do,[52:17].662

Recommending a book called The Blind Doctor,[54:13].317

Why Americans need to tip,[55:18].514

Cryptocurrency and should a 50 year old bother to learn Braille,[58:10].954

Is technology going to cause Braille to di out?,[1:00:09].619

Recommending the Sonos MOVE portable speaker,[1:02:04].525 could be an alternative to Apple’s defunct Cards app,[1:03:28].666

Accessibility frustrations during COVID-19,[1:04:03].392

Learning Braille in adulthood,[1:10:54].557

Why I gave up my notetaker,[1:12:14].829

The Benefits of mainstream devices and what happens when hearing aids break during the pandemic?,[1:15:23].722

A look at the big announcements from Sonos especially their new ARC sound bar,[1:18:27].519

VPN clients that work well on Windows and iOS,[1:34:32].574

iPhone SE and lockdown comments,[1:35:53].131

The Bonnie Bulletin begins with comments on blind people and video conferencing,[1:39:35].713

Should I switch from Windows to Mac?,[1:47:42].785

More notetaker feedback,[1:59:33].101

We’ll know what’s in iOS 14 on 22 June,[2:02:19].127

The Overcast podcast app just got way better on the Apple Watch Cellular,[2:04:10].363

Tile will soon be built into some new laptops,[2:05:40].584

Has Google Chrome removed voice search?,[2:06:46].055

Eloquence for iOS isn’t going to happen,[2:07:52].254