Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Welcome to 266 [0:00]
HeardThat now offers a remote microphone kit [5:37]
The future of Castro Podcasts looks bright [8:58]
Samuel Greene from Zoom North America discusses their new and accessible Essential Series of recorders [11:55]
More on advocacy strategies and responsibilities [45:43]
best and worst experiences going through airport security [59:33]
Sharing the parenting duties when it comes to transport [1:15:12]
deep fakes in the US presidential election, blood pressure monitoring, Apple accessibility [1:20:04]
iPhone Action Button and Facebook extra verbosity [1:27:08]
Video editing as a blind person [1:29:08]
Sonos question [1:32:49]
Are other New York Times puzzles accessible? [1:35:03]
Accessible Crypto options [1:36:17]
Google Password Manager on BrailleNote Touch+ [1:37:55]
Update on Apple tech support woes [1:38:25]
Problem with iPhone notifications [1:39:37]
AI tools I use regularly [1:42:59]
Some products mentioned include: Perplexity,,, YouTube Summary, Whisper transcription on Windows, Free Subtitles, MacWhisper, Open AI NVDA add-on, AI Content Describer, i

What do people know about matrix [1:51:28]
Lost speech after iOS update [1:53:23]
Closing and contact info [1:59:31]