Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

The —- ———————————— ————–penultimate episode for 2023 [0:17]
Welcome to 261 [3:19]
Hurry! Voting soon closes in the MushroomFm holiday countdown [6:17]
A big week for Android accessibility [9:27]
Very impressed with the Qardiobase X smartscale [12:28]
Accessible appliances [19:09]
Close, but no cigar [26:04]
Thorium reader [32:03]
Victor Reader Stream 3 [33:42]
Ignorant customer service interactions [35:16]
The accessibility of Duolingo is getting worse, and they don’t seem to care [37:11]
How do we sign documents? [47:47]
What’s the best way to get into ChatGPT? [50:44]
How do I delete folders in Outlook that I no longer need? [52:39]
Aria Mastering [56:15]
All the Light we Cannot See [59:12]
Castro says it’s not dead [1:01:01]
Rejoyce! iOS 17.2 lets you set a default notification sound [1:07:24]
A serious bug that has crept into iOS affectingDrafts and other apps [1:11:07]
Demonstration of the updated AccessiByeBye extension from Pneuma Solutions [1:14:13]
Declining Accessibility of Eleven Labs [1:29:37]
The Bonnie Bulletin and the comedy of errors [1:34:38]
Closing and contact info [1:59:01]