Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Be My AI available on iOS and faces are recognised again [1:32]
Comments on recent Apple releases [10:57]
The HeardThat app [1:01:43]
Freedom Scientific’s Next Big Thing isn’t global [1:03:40]
Lyft drivers and service dogs [1:04:36]
Accessibility improvements with Focusrite Scarlet [1:07:38]
Not happy with my BrailleNote Touch [1:11:48]
Accessible appliances [1:13:17]
The AllTerrainCane and my Braille reading story [1:17:08]
Looking for a small mixer [1:27:56]
Ad blocking and cookie preferences [1:30:22]
Recording Zoom [1:32:00]
Samsung accessibility has poor support [1:39:09]
iCloud not syncing anymore [1:41:36]
SamsungTV and Sonos ARC [1:44:25]
Reading the show notes for a podcast episode [1:48:33]
More on ableist language [1:52:18]
I like Weatherology [1:55:27]
New Zealand’s Zoomy ride share service gets a rebrand [1:56:23]
Favourite cane and cane technique [1:57:19]
Closing and contact info [1:59:01].926