This special episode is devoted to Mona, a Mastodon app for iOS, iPadOS and MacOS. It has exceptional VoiceOver accessibility, and during its development, the developer has consulted extensively with the blind community. The app is a powerful, friendly way to engage with Mastodon and the developer’s hard work deserves our support.
The lengthy tutorial is segmented by chapter for easy navigation. Here’s what we cover.

Introduction and welcome to 227 [0:00]
Mona tutorial introduction [2:41]
How Mona came to be [3:13]
Versions of Mona and introductory pricing [12:21]
Setting up your first account [17:56]
Exploring the Tab Bar [26:33]
Interacting with posts on the Home Tab [31:09]
Filtering content in your HomeTab [1:07:23]
Viewing your notifications [1:15:45]
Connect with other instances via the Communities Tab [1:23:56]
Hashtags. Why they are critical on Mastodon and how to interact with them in Mona [1:29:21]
Searching for people and content [1:33:55]
the Profile tab [1:38:46]
Check out what’s trending [1:44:51]
Working with multiple accounts [1:45:22]
Creating and voting in polls [1:48:11]
Mona’s extensive settings [1:58:00]
Mona’s keyboard shortcuts [2:26:00]
Conclusion [2:28:08]
Closing and contact info [2:28:43]