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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

You can now test JAWS for ARM

The RODECaster Pro II from a blindness perspective,[5:32]

Learn how to write software in

Subscribe to Top Tech Tidbits to keep up with the
latest in tech,[9:30]

More info on the new JAWS Notification Manager,[10:21]

COVID prevention strategies at the US blindness conventions,[12:24]

Dark chocolate and QR codes,[16:18]

My ALT+Tab stops speaking at random,[19:28]

Trouble using the insert key on my new laptop,[24:40]

My law school is discriminating against me,[26:42]

I want to learn audio production. How do I get started?,[30:12]

Looking for tools to automate some work I’m doing in Excel,[35:06]

Are blind people likely to get autonomous vehicles any time soon?,[37:33]

Avoiding speech cut-off in NVDA,[39:42]

I can’t reach the NVDA website anymore,[42:17]

Brian Hartgen of Hartgen Consultancy discusses
Leasey version 7,[43:40]

Bonnie and Jonathan have been booking travel,[1:43:18]

ZNew gadgets for the big trip,[1:47:42]

Bonnie discusses the book Hush Little Baby By R H Herron,[1:51:16]

Closing and contact info,[1:57:10]