Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

HiChad! [0:00]
RIM for Mac is released [1:39]
The Reddit blackout [4:34]
Third-party apps do not have access to the Vision Pro camera [11:04]
Read the Upload VR article referenced in the episode.
Bookshare’s place in a world of mainstream accessible options [19:22]
Influential European organisation discourages the use of accessibility overlays [25:39]
Effective ad blocking tools [34:40]
Looking for cookbook recommendations [37:16]
More on the Victor Reader Stream and SensePlayer [41:52]
Here’s the link to the Executive products case for the Stream 3, and
here’s the link for the Executive Products SensePlayer case.
The lonely little Hotel Pennsylvania [55:12]
More on the Focus Braille displays including comment from Vispero [56:45]
The Oko app helps with inaccessible traffic lights [1:03:54]
Coping with assistance we may not want [1:28:37]
Update on Castro and a demo of how sluggish Overcast is [1:35:00]
A New Beatles single?Wow! [1:41:38]
Features lacking in digital assistants [1:54:00]
Closing and contact info [1:59:20]