Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Introductory comments [0:00]
Trying to sign up for mastodon [4:53]
The Federation and Freedom on the fediverse – NFB and Freedom Scientific come to Mastodon [8:51]
Voice Dream Reader and subscriptions [13:12]
Old Main Menu episodes [23:56]
Pennsylvania 65000 [26:31]
ChatGPT on iPhone [35:24]
More quality control issues with the Focus 40 Blue [45:47]
Disabling Braille on BrailleNote Touch Plus [49:16]
Impressions from a new Victor Reader Stream 3 user [50:27]
Installing Kurzweil 1000 on a new machine [52:19]
I want Microsoft to offer Somali text-to-speech [53:40]
Choose this link to sign the open letter in support of this initiative.
Comments on the Adrian Spratt interview [56:56]
Google IO recap [1:02:59]
Depression in the blind community [1:26:09]
There is a way to use Living Blindfully Plus onAlexa [1:31:15]
Another example of poor airline service [1:32:36]
Following Pneuma Solutions on Mastodon [1:40:24]
Do you speed up your audio? [1:40:52]
Can’t disable effects on my Asus laptop [1:46:10]
The dangers posed by electric cars [1:47:25]
Having a major frustration with Audible [1:49:12]
Trouble with iOS medicine reminders [1:54:58]
Closing and contact info [2:01:20]