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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.
Braille issues in iOS 14.4,[0:29]
Anticipating the Brailliant episode,[14:25]
Laptops you like…and don’t,[16:57]
A solution to dodgy laptop keyboards,[24:06]
Mainstream tech support and blind people,[27:45]
Rivo2 and Microsoft Outlook on the blink,[36:12]
The Castro podcast app for iOS,[41:56]
Are AirPods Max worth the money?,[53:07]
Seeing AI,[1:01:29]
Remembering Larry King,[1:05:51]
Learning to take good pictures with iPhone,[1:13:35]
The golden age of moon exploration,[1:16:48]
Zoom recorders,[1:18:41]
Upskilling and Braille displays,[1:20:40]
Ringtones and WhatsApp,[1:22:50]
Fire TV,[1:24:26]
Alexa sounds,[1:25:26]
Skipping to the Bonnie Bulletin,[1:27:44]
Learning and supporting each other online,[1:31:57]
Uber guide dog refusal,[1:37:36]
Closing and contact info,[1:45:42]