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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Final reminder about a webinar with an important announcement about the future of this podcast,[1:45]
Demonstration of the Be My Eyes Virtual Volunteer powered by Chat GPT,[3:10]
Sonos surround sound adventures with the Era 300,[56:02]
Sonos Roam question,[1:02:25]
I want to learn more about Reaper,[1:03:43]
Hubspot’s inaccessibility,[1:08:08]
Can I get Google Assistant on Windows?,[1:09:04]
Comments on several recent topics,[1:10:09]
Producing podcasts on iPhone,[1:21:26]
Chat bots go political,[1:27:09]. Here’s the article referred to in this contribution.
Cybercriminals are getting smarter,[1:30:31]
Spring for Twitter is back for now,[1:33:42]
I can’t stand YouTube Shorts either,[1:35:37]
Windows Mini Computer,[1:37:40]
Looking for a way to read news that isn’t littered with ads,[1:38:36]
USB-C audio and charging recommendations for a Pixel 7,[1:41:41]
Comments on various recent topics,[1:43:34]
Chat GPT’s reflections on the pros and cons of being blind,[1:47:08]
Google Docs tips and tricks,[1:56:32]
Closing and contact info,[1:59:57]