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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Can we claim this area code?,[0:00]
Join me for an announcement about this podcast’s future, [1:00]
Chat GPT turns its hand to punditry about the webinar’s purpose,[4:47]
Hans Wiberg and Mike Buckley from Be My Eyes talk about the service in general and its new Virtual Volunteer in beta,[7:51]
I have the Sonos Era 300,[37:27]
Optima and Braille display thoughts,[1:01:03]
Apple issues and comments,[1:20:17]
Wanting to improve my English,[1:34:08]
Keeping TalkBack speech on my Android device,[1:35:19]
The Braille Doodle, a book on disability justice, and remembering Judith Heumann”,[1:36:13]
Accessible wireless mesh recommendations,[1:39:08]
Sense Player and Victor Reader Stream,[1:45:43]
Vizling is an app that makes comics accessible to blind people,[1:48:14]
Reading poetry inBraille,[1:49:25]
Blindness and literature,[1:55:43]
Closing and contact info,[1:59:29]