Hello Mosen at Largers. A very busy show this week with plenty of listener feedback, plus our big Cash Reader for iOS giveaway.

Here’s what’s in store, followed by the time each thing happens in the show.


“Listener comment, Ringtones, Face ID”,[1:43].577

The Anchor app and service for creating podcasts,[7:44].380

“Listener comment,Ringtones and Castro Podcast Player“,[10:45].010

“Listener comment on the name Lighthouse, and ringtones”,[13:17].497

“Listener question, how accessible is Audacity?”,[15:52].928

Listener comment, Ringtones and Waltr2“,[17:10].888

“Listener comment, Ringtones”,[19:14].653

“Listener question, accessible audio editors for iOS”, we mention a couple of accessible apps from Wooji Juice,[20:46].328

“Listener comment, using short text strings for Uber, ringtones and blindness agency names”,[22:32].805

Creating a ringtone and transferring it to your iPhone using Waltr2,[27:59].133

“Listener comment, Castro, mechanical keyboard”,[41:43].151

YouTube Premium is a worthwhile investment on iOS,[45:17].876

Listener comment on metal ringtones,[45:51].414

“Listener comment, making your own ringtones and Alexa’s Apple Podcast integration”,[47:41].993

“Listener comment, Castro Podcast Player is great but lacks some important features”,[49:36].205

“The Bonnie bulletin begins, ain’t got time to fix the shingles”,[51:19].828

Valentine’s Day,[58:19].997

Who/what is the Tom Dooley song about?,[1:04:39].476

“Listener comment, Waltr2, the Rode Wireless Go, and has Alexa become less responsive for anyone else?”,[1:12:16].192

Apple claims that Siri can update you on all things US election. But does it work for anyone?,[1:15:03].666

Let’s draw the five lucky winners in our Cash Reader for iOS giveaway,[1:17:48].630

“Listener comment, ringtones”,[1:20:21].221

“Listener comment, ringtones”,[1:21:06].643

“Listener comment, how Vision Australia got its name, and Castro Podcast Player”,[1:22:07].923

“Listener comment, ringtones”,[1:27:04].326

“Listener comment, the value of Echo Show to blind people”,[1:28:29].586

I’ve found I don’t like going without Google,[1:29:07].096

Five star reviews really really help independent podcast producers. If you have time, thanks in advance for giving us a positive review.