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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Some reflections as we produce our 200th episode,[0:00]

Braille with an uppercase B is now the standard in New Zealand,[8:49]

Oddities after installing iOS 16,[11:44]

Still on iOS 15. Should I upgrade yet?,[19:21]

Recovering deleted messages in iOS 16,[21:31]

Thoughts on iOS 16 and iPhone 14 Pro,[22:21]

Why the Apple Watch Ultra interests me,[23:34]

The new satellite support in iPhone 14 could save your life,[27:20]

VoiceOver is impossibly quiet on a call,[30:16]

Loving my new iPhone 14 Pro but have questions,[37:50]

Voiceover having trouble keeping my place on some web pages and emails,[42:03]

User feedback on the Envision Smart Glasses,[44:44]

Hable One,[50:35]

Tech memories,[52:48]

Adding apps to the Favourites in the BlindShell Classic 2,[1:03:33]

An extended Bonnie bulletin on our recent travels,[1:05:57]

Closing and contact info,[1:58:35]