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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

Intro from a locked down New Zealand,[0:00]
The story behind the demise of the FlickType accessible keyboard for iOS and what you can do about it,[1:02]
Listener comments onFlickType,[30:33]
Judy Dixon demonstrates Braille Screen Input,[38:49]
Apple Calendar apps and child safety initiative,[54:20]
The concept of being registered blind in the UK,[1:14:57]
How accessible is Descript?,[1:20:40]
iOS email still buggy,[1:23:32]
Etiquette when receiving remote assistance,[1:27:41]
VO Starter,[1:31:47]
The new Apple TV Siri remote,[1:32:59]
iOS mispronunciations,[1:35:12]
Ring video doorbell,[1:37:44]
Thanks for the advice on staying in step with a cane,[1:39:59]
Audio description and subtitles. There is actually a bit of a difference,[1:40:57]
The birthday Bonnie bulletin in lockdown,[1:43:16]
Bonnie gets a totally unexpected birthday present,[1:51:22]
Closing announcement and contact info,[1:57:52]