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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

What is Eloquence and why is its arrival on Apple products such a big

iOS 16 won’t run on older devices,[6:56]

Thoughts on iOS 16 so far,[9:27]

Capitalising Braille,[11:09]

ACB and NFB,[17:22]

Is Grammarly accessible?,[18:24]

Thoughts on Twitter, online payments, and smartphone choice,[21:28]

Are hearing aids getting worse in some respects?,[25:51]

Cool meat thermometer from Meter,[31:42]

Another voice is speaking on my iPhone,[32:40]

I found the answer to my iPhone output switching problem,[34:23]

Jury service and overseas travel,[41:20]

Learning Braille from Hadley,[46:34]

The gun crisis in the United States,[47:10]

Questions about Chromebooks,[59:18]

How do you get hearing aids to connect to a 3.5mm cable?,[1:02:13]

Which version of StationPlaylist Studio?,[1:04:14]

JAWS notification history now lets you manage what is spoken and Brailled,[1:05:45]

The UK Parkrun Magazine pilot isn’t accessible,[1:30:37]

Entering passwords with a Braille display, and thoughts on Sonos

Review of the Chessman Electric Kettle,[1:38:32]

The Conscious Breathing Summit,[1:42:40]

The Granny Bon Bon Bulletin,[1:43:29]

Will Bonnie switch to Eloquence on her iPhone?,[1:45:50]

Travel plans,[1:46:54]

Water water everywhere, except at Mosen Towers,[1:48:57]

The quest for a capable cleaner,[1:50:41]

Closing and contact info,[1:58:06]