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Bitten by the black Friday bug, I bought a WeWalk Smart

Cast your vote for your top 10 favourite holiday

You can run TalkBack on yourChromeBook,[17:09]

Beatles and Brailliant,[26:05]

Audio description,[29:17]

More comment on visual description of presenters at meetings,[39:09]

Accessible medical forms in the United States,[44:47]

Do dedicated blindness devices still have a place?,[46:30]

Windows XP,[57:16]

Speed of text-to-speech in demonstrations,[59:58]

Old Main Menu shows and can I downgrade a new Windows 11 system to

Blind gun ownership in the United States,[1:07:31]

Hints on sending quality bug reports to Apple,[1:08:53]

Alert systems for the DeafBlind,[1:12:01]

Project Hail Mary,[1:15:14]

Hearing aid discussion,[1:16:04]

My family thinks an accommodation for my anxiety is weird,[1:25:32]

Looking for recommendations from people who know the Houston area,[1:29:53]

Doorbell recommendations,[1:31:28]

Retro things,[1:37:02]

The Bonnie Bulletin,[1:42:01]