Starting with episode 241, a small number of Living Blindfully Plus subscribers using several iOS apps have been reporting that they have not received the latest episode at the time they became available to Plus subscribers.

Because this only affected a tiny fraction of our Plus members, and I could not make it happen myself, this has been a hard one to replicate. But as always, Pinecast, our podcast hosting company, has been incredibly helpful and we like to think this issue is resolved. Three people who were reporting the issue before have now reported following the below steps resolved the issue, and they are able to get their Plus episode again.

If this problem is happening to you, the first thing you should try is opening the Living Blindfully feed in your podcast app of choice, and try to manually refresh it by swiping down with three-fingers. VoiceOver should speak “refreshing content”. The episode may then appear now that Pinecast has made a change on their side, but there is a good chance it may not.

If it doesn’t, then you will need to delete the podcast feed completely from your app. I would then recommend completely closing the app just to be safe, then open the app and add your private RSS feed again.

If you didn’t keep the URL of your RSS feed in a safe place, you can find Instructions about how to retrieve it, and add it to a range of popular podcast apps, on the Living Blindfully Plus page at


Thank you very much for supporting the podcast with your subscription. It makes the world of difference and apologies to those this issue has affected.