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On the show this week, Applause Group, owners of Voice Dream Reader, have reversed their decision to make existing users pay again for existing features. They’ve also substantially improved their engagement with our community. We have all the details.

Glide hasn’t been released yet, but already this O&M device is a hot topic. Could this device bring freedom and independence to those who just don’t want to use a cane? And what are its other potential use cases. We have an in-depth discussion with Amos Miller, founder of Glidance.

The barbaric terrorist attack endured by Israel in October 2023, and the subsequent Israeli military bombardment in  Gaza, has of course been constantly in the news, with a now widely-held view that Israel’s response has become disproportionate. A listener believes we should boycott assistive technology with links to Israel, on the grounds that individuals or companies who pay taxes to the Israeli Government on the revenue generated are in effect subsidising this action. We hear both sides of the argument.

And I’m now working with brand new hearing aids. I offer some first impressions of the Phonak Lumity, 12 hours in.


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