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On the show this week, Aira has unveiled its generative AI offering, called Access AI. I’ll speak with Troy Otillio and Everette Bacon from Aira about this new service and what distinguishes it from other options. We’ll catch up on other things too, including the future of pricing for consumer plans, how to get Aira in more places, out-sourcing agents, and will we ever get RIM working with Aira so we can ditch the less accessible Team Viewer?

I’ll then take you on a tour of Access AI. Spoiler alert, at this stage I’m concluding that this is one of the best blindness-specific AI products I’ve used. I have specific reasons for thinking this, and I’ll share them on the show.

Some new products were announced at the CSUN assistive technology conference in Anaheim this week, we’ll recap some of the interesting news.

Last year, we heard about the All Terrain Cane. What’s it like to use? A listeners shares his thoughts.

If you own a Qardiobase Smart Scale as I do, you’ll know it’s an epic product, but there are some things you should know about charging it.

A listener has us revisit the question of whether we really need blindness-specific book players in 2024.

We hear from someone who’s heading off to college, and looking for advice about the best notetaker for him to use.

Yet another listener shares an experience which has also happened to me of late, relating to a serious accessibility bug with the Zoom conferencing tool.

One of our listeners has a bunch of questions for blind people who use Linux.

All this, and a lot more, in Living Blindfully 271. Our show is special because of all the contributions we receive from around the world, so don’t hesitate to be a part of it.